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Welcome to the Transformers Secret Stash,

we firmly believe in adding value to each and every single order for our site members, so effective immediately Transformers Secret Stash is offering all members registered with the site free comics with every single order!

Here is how it works:

Become a Transformers Secret Stash site member by Registering Here.

You are GUARANTEED at least one FREE COMIC on every single order. FOREVER

For Every $10 spent you will receive 1 FREE COMIC book! BUY $50 worth and get 5 FREE COMIC books!

Make your first purchase in our Store. Once your payment clears your items will be shipped, along with the FREE COMICS you now get every time you order!

“ Lets say you ordered some Christmas presents for the kids or in laws, and we were lucky enough to have you spend $62.34 on your gifts with us. Now when we send your order out,

you would be receiving the items you would be ordering anyways, plus 6 FREE COMICS bagged, boarded, and shipped right to your door!

It really is that easy! Sign up today and start building your comic book collection at NO COST to you whatsoever! “

There is no limit to the number of Free comics you may receive per order, get as many and as often as you like!

All comics are from high quality publishers such as Action, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, etc… Comics will essentially be random picks from a number of collections that will be specific to Transformers and its characters. We do not screen the comics and remove the higher value rare, old, exclusive, variant, autographed comics from the lot, you could potentially receive ultra rare or expensive collectible copies! comic books you receive will range in quality from F to NM, we do not grade comics nor do we guarantee you will receive any particular grading. If you have comics that you wish to have graded, or you have received a free comic that you’d like evaluated and potentially graded then we are happy to assist you in carrying out that process.

Contact Us If you have any questions or would like more information on how to get your free comics.

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